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June 1, 2017
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July 25, 2017

Sharing an Office with the Family While Being an Author

Being an author can sometimes be hectic, especially when your family shares the only office space. Our office is upstairs in a loft. The loft acts more like a large hallway in the family traffic pattern. There is a long desk that my wife and I share and a smaller desk for my daughter. It can be tough finding time to write, especially on weekends and during the week in the afternoon and nights. That is mostly because my daughter can’t concentrate if I am there while she is studying, but then I can’t concentrate either because I get distracted by her! She likes to listen to music while she works because it helps her concentrate. I can’t argue with the music since I used to do the same thing when I was younger.

I guess when you get older everything changes. These days, for me, I can only write when there is peace and quiet. I do find the time to write. I write a lot when no one is home. Since I use a desktop computer, I am tied to the office to do my actual writing. During the weekends when everyone is home, I find that the only time I can do anything productive is when I walk our dog. Those walks actually have been some of my most productive times for coming up with ideas for the book! The relaxation of the walk and the fresh air seem rejuvenate my brain.

Just a few days ago, I was walking the dog and, all of sudden, a scene that I was trying to figure out for the second Aggie Boyle book popped into my head. I quickly took out my phone and wrote down the ideas in my notes app. One thing I learned is that even the very best idea might float away if you don’t write it down! I also have found that though you might have distractions, you can always find alternative places to work on your writing, even if it is walking your dog and writing on a phone!

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