I think that the book was a very good way to tell kids that it does not matter what is on the outside. It just matters what is on the inside. My favorite part is when she turns into a mouse and her mom tries to hit her with the broom. That was funny to me! The book is now one of my favorites.

Chloe – 9 years old

Aggie Boyle and the Lost Beauty is a compelling novel for readers both young and old. Mr. Fine’s breezy debut is chock full of magic, whimsy, and adventure in the grand tradition of Roald Dahl and J.K. Rowling. Fine is a master of the cliffhanger and leaves the audience wondering what he could possibly cook up next. Ultimately, this story about growth and the search for truth taps into the backbone of what it means to be vulnerable at any age and yearn for a sense of community.

Casey – Adult

Aggie Boyle and the Lost Beauty is a fantastic tale of adventure and twists, which I wholly enjoyed. The characters are easy to relate to and the plot is like a maze of exciting twists and turns. It really keeps you guessing up until the last chapter. I especially loved the storytelling aspect that was included as the characters told their backstories, explanations, etc. I love being able to interact with books by solving the mystery and this book allowed me to do just that. I would definitely recommend it to kids and teens who love books that keep you guessing and take you on a whirlwind of an adventure.

Katie – 14 years old


It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.

E.E. Cummings